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Internet Explorer 9 64-bit

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9.0.8112.16421 Windows 7... 15/03/11
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Internet Explorer 9 64-bit is fully compatible with:

  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8

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Versions of Internet Explorer 9 64-bit

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Version License Language O.S. Download
Internet Explorer 9 64-bit 9.0.8112.16421 Windows 7 64-bit 15/03/11 Free English
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8

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The latest edition of the web's most popular browser

Tom Clarke

Review last updated: 25/07/13

  • Faster multicore JavaScript engine
  • Support for HTML5 and CSS3
  • Very well integrated with the operating system
  • Sleek interface
  • Basic HTML5 support

"13-Nov-2010 Jumping ship"

  • 3.0
  • 3.0
  • usability6
  • Stability1
  • Installation8
  • Functionality7
  • Appearance5

I have always stuck by Microsoft because I tend to favour the underdog. Silly to call the Microsoft money-making powerhouse an underdog, but it seems to be a fallen giant, and always got the flak for everything that goes wrong. So, out of the kindness of my heart I have stuck by IE when all else haven jumped ship to Mozilla.

I "upgraded" from IE8 to IE9 around a week ago and I've now reach my limit - I'm abandoning ship too. I don't understand why they would let any version, beta or not, be released whereby such universal websites as Amazon, Wikipedia and Googlemaps DON'T LOAD PROPERLY. It's more than a little frustrating that the top of the page or article gets shown and as you scroll down it all gets fudged out. This is not to mention the fact that some buttons on websites simply do not work on IE9 - when this happened with random links it's frustrating, when it occurs with Paypal, my Bank's website and the like it's frankly unbearable.

Whether they improve these glitches or not, I'm moving to the main concourse of Mozilla.

  • More of webpage shown
  • Website glitches
  • Few messages to express contrition or explanation for said glitches
  • Favourites, Print, File and all been moved, annoyingly
  • New Favourites menu is overly simplistic
  • Requires rebooy on installation

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13 Nov 2010

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